Here are alllll da people that make everything possible.


  • Snowie
  • Derek DiBenedetto
  • Cats777
  • Nathan Cole
  • Michael Posada
  • Leo10pe10
  • BrewedWar
  • CastiCo
  • Michael Canton
  • Marcellus Rivera
  • Mojaeng
  • Ryan Dunn
  • Andy

They are the reason this site exists.
Love all of you! <3

Everyone Else

If you’re reading this page, then thanks for giving the time of day to even come to this site. Hope my Plugins help you and I hope you use them! 🙂

Special thanks to all of my viewers, subscribers, and those that actually use my weird Plugins. XD

Site Stuff – Powers everything on this site :0 – For creating the Ribosome theme that this site uses.

2 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Casey Ford

    I was wondering if you can help someone get a couple of plugins to play nicely with each other… If you can help me out a little I’ll do as much of the lifting as possible, but I was wondering if you could help out with the JS stuff… Like pointing my in the right direction and stuff? Maybe?

    Let me know if you can… I suck at JS but I can learn and I like to think I’m a quick learner. Thanks…. Also you might want to add a contact place or something for the people that want to get a hold of you. Even if that means something like “Comment on Youtube”…. 😛

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Sure, could you list the Plugins.
      As for a contact section, I’ll add something like that. :p


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