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Allows you to add Shaking Text to your Show Text events!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Shaking Text
Version 1.00

This Plugin allows you to add animated text effects to your Show Text

This can be done using very simple escape codes within the Show Text
events themselves. Doing so will allow you to customize your own
shaking and wavy effects!

Show Text Escape Codes

Use the following escape codes in any Show Text event:

\Shake – Sets text to default shaking values
\Shake<Power> – Creates a shake effect from simple number
\Shake<xSpd, ySpd> – Creates shake from seperate x and y speeds
\Shake<xSpd, ySpd, xMax, yMax> – Gives absolute control over shaking effect; can control x/y speed, along with the maximum distance the characters can travel before reversing.


\Wave – Sets wave effect based off of default
wave values
\Wave<speed, max> – Sets wave effect based off of speed and
max distance the characters can travel


\ResetShake – Resets all shaking



5 thoughts on “Shaking Text – MV Plugin

  1. Bruce Schmidt

    I like the plugin but whatever text I use repeats itself just outside the the bottom of the text box for some reason.


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